I am Ian Pringle – a sinner saved by grace, a husband and father. I trade in software development and systems engineering. I am also attempting something that is a mix of homesteading and building a self-reliant community, and serving others through the land I have been blessed by God with.

You can find my latest blog posts here. I have a “digital garden” that I call “loci” which might be of interest to some people. I’m also trying to review books that I read, just to sort of keep a record of what I’m reading and anything I thought about the book after finishing it.


Some Changes

Just wanted to point out that I have removed the ’loci’ and the ‘projects’ links from the navbar. I am likely going to also remove configs eventually since those are all literate configs and I am no longer using emacs. I have that up still for the time being because it has valuable content. The loci and projects sections had little to no content of value, so I have removed them....

November 21, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Moving The Blog

I did it. This morning I mentioned that I was going to be leaving Emacs land and moving to VS Code and this afternoon I moved the blog over. It was very easy actually. I already had a test Hugo blog running on, so all I had to do was port the few new posts since that effort, and then update my DNS to point to the Neocities site. I suspect that I will eventually be moving from Hugo to Astro, like I had previously mentioned, however this is a great stop-gap and will let me have a blog that I can keep updated without having to do much/any work to migrate....

November 16, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Fare Thee Well, Emacs

At least for a while, my time with Emacs has once again come to an end. It is not exactly the fault of Emacs, but the tooling at work is new and niche and there is no or nearly no userbase within the Emacs community that uses this tooling, which makes for a distinct lack of support in the Emacs ecosystem. As a result, I am going to take a Sabbatical from the world of Emacs and try something completely new to me, VS Code....

November 16, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

I Am Back

Hey! I’m back after a two-ish week paternity leave. We had a baby girl on October 6th and I’ve been more or less offline since then. Our baby girl is named Penelope. Mother and baby are both doing just fine, and we are working on adjusting to the change. The most notable adjustment is that things take longer. After three children, number four really is not that much more difficult....

October 24, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Astro Was A Failure To Launch

I have spent the last couple days hacking away at AstroJS. I think it might provide what I want in a framework. It produces static sites with no, to minimal client-side JS, and it is itself a JS framework. SSG is important mostly at a philosophical level for me, Lightscores aside, the overhead of SSR or CSR for a blog is minimal and likely unnoticeable, but I enjoy the idea of SSG....

October 6, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

A Few Days With ox-hugo

I’ve been playing with ox-hugo for a few days now. I do like a lot about it. One thing I like a lot is how it is focused on getting out of the way and just turning org files into well crafted HTML. I am rather unpleased with ox-hugo’s path for deployment, it’s a bit more manual than I like. I tried to automate it but hit a roadblock. I’ll definitely be trying this again later because the current solution isn’t acceptable to me....

October 4, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Giving ox-hugo Another Try

I am giving ox-hugo another try. A few reasons, primarily, my NextJS efforts started feeling like holding water in my hands, and second ox-hugo is just closer to the metal, so to speak. The site will probably change apperance for a while but I hope to get it back to a close approximation of what I have style-wise currently. This post will likely be shown on the NextJS version of the blog for a while and then once I’ve gotten a deployment process setup I’ll switch to the Hugo site....

October 4, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Perhaps A New Path For Sylvan

To me the idea of “sylvan” is a tool meant to easily create beautiful sites with org-mode, while remaining unintrusive. For that reason, I am exploring some alternative, non-NextJS options for Sylvan. There’s a few reasons for this: As I’ve expressed before, I’m not 100% thrilled with Sylvan as it exists today As I’ve expressed before, I’d love for a more emacs-centric tooling, but I dislike the constraints of ox-html I am taking a new job on October 10th and my primary frontend framework will be lit....

September 26, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Baby, Incoming?

We may or may not have a new baby in the next few days. My wife has been laboring since yesterday. The midwife and I think it won’t be much longer now. What makes this awkward is I just accepted a new job and while the new job is going to throw paternity time at me from day one, I have to get to day one first, which isn’t until October 3rd....

September 21, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle

Hard At Work

You might not know it since we’re going on almost a week since a content update to the site, but I have been doing some refactoring work on the sylvan project. I’ve cut build times in half by updating the build-api. An added benefit of this rebuild is that I can now properly use rehype plugins (retext too!). Currently I’ve got rehype-raw working which means I can add begin-export html blocks to my org files and they will populate on the site as actual HTML (and I think react, but I have not tried this yet so I do not know for sure)....

September 15, 2022 · Ian S. Pringle