I’m a sinner saved by grace. I am a husband and father.

By weekday I am a senior software engineer at Jack Henry. At work I largely work with Lit and help banks (customers) extend and customize our offerings to fit their needs.

My past jobs include working as systems engineer, a consultant, a full-stack developer (Openshift, Java, Kotlin, StencilJS), a systems administrator, a helpdesk agent, and a data-entry monkey. I am a self-taught programmer and systems operator. I believe this is an immense asset, I am capable to self-directed learning, often times on the job. I love learning this way and generally try to take new jobs that will push me into technology I do not already know. Language-wise I am in love with Rust and Lua. I am also confident in a professional setting with Python, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Go, Bash, Python, PowerShell, and a few Lisps.

I’ve sort of stumbled and tripped my way into the software world, after work hours and on the weekend I am something of a neo-Luddite. I work hard to find an appropriate balance between modern technologies and my God-given desire to work with my hands. In the permaculture world this concept is called “appropriate design”.

As you will learn from my projects and blog posts, my interests are many and varied. I have a degree in New Testament studies, with a minor in Koine Greek – I love studying and discussing theology. I also like animals, a lot. I have rabbits (too many to count), dogs (seven; two hounds, a great dane, and four Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherds), five horses, three turtles (an Eastern Paint, a yellow belly slider, and a African side-neck; all are rescues), loads of chickens, seven cats, a bearded dragon, a boa constrictor, four cows, a bull, two goats, and a crow.

I live on a farm in very rural Missouri with my wife and children. We sell raw cow milk, raw goat milk, and eggs. If you live between Poplar Bluff and West Plains and are interested in our produce, feel free to reach out!