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In a previous post I talked about a function I wrote that allowed me to stub out a few of the properties required for working with Sylvan. I have since updated that function a little. It’s still not ideal and I have one or two issues with it still, but I wanted to share the updated function nonetheless. As a sidenote, unless I outright delete this function for some reason, it shall always be visible in it’s most up to date from in my literate config.

This function now prompts for a post title, turns that into a filename, creates a buffer, writes out some initial data to that buffer, saves it to a file, and then let’s you continue writing it.

(defun 0x44/create-new-blog-buffer ()
  "Created a new blog from the specified template in a new buffer"
  (let* (($timestamp (format-time-string "<%Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M>" ))
         (title (read-from-minibuffer "Post Title: "))
         (fname (concat org-blog-directory "/" (org-hugo-slug title) ".org")))
    (let (($buf (generate-new-buffer title)))
      (switch-to-buffer $buf)
      (insert (format
               ":PROPERTIES:\n:AUTHOR: %s\n:CREATED: %s\n:MODIFIED: %s\n:TYPE: blog\n:END:\n#+title: %s"
               user-full-name $timestamp $timestamp title))
        (funcall 'org-mode)
        (funcall 'org-id-new)
        (setq buffer-offer-save t)
        (set-visited-file-name fname)

You’ll notice I am using a function from ox-hugo. This is literally the only reason I have that package, so I’d like to get that dependency removed somehow eventually.

I am not sure if (set-visited-file-name) is the appropriate function to use here, but I have been unable to find any other functions that will save the buffer to a file and then ensure that the buffer is now set to that saved file.

This little function works very nicely and is a marked improvement on the previous function.

(defun get-prop (prop)
  (org-entry-get (current-buffer) prop))

(defun get-date ()
  (get-prop "created"))