Astro Migration Todo

The site works and is in use. It’s looking better and is on a good track. I’ve just recently gotten some kinks out of the Obsidian post creation process. Here is a todo list of what I want to get done still:

  • Do something with the callouts
  • Pull footnotes to the side when screen size allows
  • Get a better <img> setup, images currently are far too large
  • figure out a way to load markdown files as MDX in Astro1
  • Figure out a changelog2
  • header
  • backlinks
  • books page
  • recipes page
  • nicer footer ✅ 2023-01-09
  • fonts
  • add desired portions of TufteCSS3
  • dedicated homepage

This isn’t everything the site needs and this isn’t meant to be comprehensive — although maybe I should create a site page just for todos and a history of to-dones… Anywho, this page will be updated as things are done and new things are added


  1. This also might mean “figure out what Astro is flipping out at MDX frontmatter”. I tried this approach using GH actions to rename the files, but that just resulted in errors because of my frontmatter — despite the docs saying Astro supports MDX frontmatter

  2. This would be similar to what Evan Travers is doing on this site. I asked Evan about his changelog and he said he’s updated and is just shelling out and that he mentioned it in this post.