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Astrojs & Orgmode

I was pretty excited to see that the JavaScript orgmode parser I used when this blog was built with NextJS was working Astrojs now. I had tried this last year and was unable to get it working, but I am glad to see that someone else has pulled it off and I am happy to capitalize on their hard work. Actually, the author of Uniorg created the Astrojs integration, and it’s pretty simple to use. Essentially you add the integration in your Astrojs config and then write a function to retrieve the Orgmode files. You can also pass a config to the Uniorg parser with Uniorg and Rehype plugins to use in the parsing of each file.

What this means for the blog is that it looks exactly like it did when I was using Oblivion to write content. But also I think I’m ready for a change. I do not like the look so that’s probably going to go through a few iterations before I settle on something I’m happy with. After using the built in styles from Orgmode for a while, I really sort of took a liking to it and want to bring that in to the mix. And of course, I am still pursuing my desire to better mimic Tufte’s own styling.

Lastly, I’m trying out some screenrecordings and will probably be sharing those. Not looking to become the next Luke Smith, just found that the medium is helpful for sharing some stuff with others.