Written by Ian S. Pringle

Created on 2023-3-17 @ 12:22

Last updated on 2023-3-17 @ 12:22

I have missed writing my blog posts and tinkering. Neovim got the tinkering itch pretty well and I LOVE Lua, but there’s something very satisfying about Emacs that Neovim just doesn’t satisfy. I’ve gone ahead and returned to Emacs. The Lit Framework support is still lackluster, but I’ve gotten it a little better (something I should definitely cover in another post) with LSP, Treesitter, and some ts-ls plugins. The other big reason to come back to Emacs is that I missed writing blog posts. I tried doing it in Neovim but that wasn’t great. I tried in Oblivion, but don’t like Oblivion or Markdown. I tried Neovim’s org-mode and vimwiki, but neither are the same as the tried and true org-mode. Plus none of these alternatives kept the barrier to writing as low as it is with Emacs. I’m sure I could have gotten that figured out and lowered one day, but I’d still have to issue of publishing being lackluster. With Emacs I have two fairly good options that are already built out and wokring, my custom build.el script and of course the OG Sylvan built with NextJS. I am not sure what I’ll go with forever, but right now I’m using the org-publish function in my build.el script. It’s not the best, but that’s okay, it’s more than nothing. I have to figure out attachments still, right now pictures won’t be displayed so that sucks.

Until next time (which might just be fixing up some old posts that were written during the MD/Oblivion era) :wave: