Blogging With Obsidian

I’m going to try blogging with Obsidian. Primary reason is that I have used it for a kb in the past and I like it. I also like my blog living with my kb because (if those things are published) I can refer to things in the kb. Writing prose in Obsidian is a more enjoyable experience than using VS Code. VS Code is too clinical and does not do a great job with prose-writing.

Since I am making such a large switch, I will also be using Astro to build this new blog. I have had my eye on it for a little while now and the only roadblock previously to adopting it was getting my Orgmode integration to work. Now that I am on the Markdown train, this is no longer a barrier.

There are a few steps that need to occur before this migration can be realized:

  1. Convert existing blog posts to Obsidian-friendly Markdown
  2. Migrate Orgmode kb (already converted to MD via Pandoc and this blog post) to Obsidian
  3. Create an Astro site that can consume Obsidian’s markdown files and structure
  4. Create some form of a digital garden integration to properly link related files

I will likey resurrect Sylvan for this purpose — it’ll have come full circle, as it did start out as a way of exporting Obsidian vaults into NextJS sites.