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At least for a while, my time with Emacs has once again come to an end. It is not exactly the fault of Emacs, but the tooling at work is new and niche and there is no or nearly no userbase within the Emacs community that uses this tooling, which makes for a distinct lack of support in the Emacs ecosystem. As a result, I am going to take a Sabbatical from the world of Emacs and try something completely new to me, VS Code. A few reasons for this, but the primary one is that it is the tooling being used at work by the people who I work the closest with and I think there is something to be said for having a standardized toolset for a team.

The blog is not going away, but it will have to be somehow changed. Currently there is no support for Markdown. I could write Orgmode still but a lot of those features are very dependent on the Emacs world and I am not sure how it would work elsewhere. I could also keep using Emacs for blogging and notetaking, but I think I am going to take this time to experiment with some other choices. I tried Logseq briefly before and I like its method for notetaking, so I may try that again. I have some concerns about how that would work for blogging, but maybe I can separate those concerns.

I think I will also take this time to convert the blog to Astro and give Solid.js a try as well. Both are tools I want to learn, and I had given Astro a few days before but could not convince it to parse orgmode files, so I had given up. But it does support Markdown and MDX, so I think I will go with that. I really want to explore writing that includes interactive elements, so MDX is very attractive to me.

Currently I am clocking somewhere between 55 and 60 hours a week for two different jobs, so I will likely not get to this anytime soon. But we shall see what happens. One idea I had was to export this blog (likely sans the kb) to Hugo and then use the Hugo SSG and Markdown for a while. Then when I have more time I can come back and figure out how to move to Astro. I have some ideas I want to try, including a microblogging format of sorts, so something more than Hugo is definitely my endgoal still.