Hard At Work

You might not know it since we’re going on almost a week since a content update to the site, but I have been doing some refactoring work on the sylvan project. I’ve cut build times in half by updating the build-api. An added benefit of this rebuild is that I can now properly use rehype plugins (retext too!). Currently I’ve got rehype-raw working which means I can add begin-export html blocks to my org files and they will populate on the site as actual HTML (and I think react, but I have not tried this yet so I do not know for sure). I’ve also been working on a refactor of the styling, not the actual look but the code behind it. Some stuff will be changing but it’s because of the updates to the code and then me making minor tweaks to the looks at the same time.

All this is being done in an effort to make future features easier to implement, such as making Sylvan configurable and useable by others.