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That’s right, it’s yet another blog from me. Another blog that, let’s face it, I won’t probably use very much, and is really just an excuse to doing something creative and learning a bit at the same time. Nonethesless, I am going to create YAB and promise to update it.

My main motivations are:

  • Play with NextJS

  • Create a “digital garden” for my notes

  • In doing the above, hopefully eventually settle on platforms to use for day planning, notetaking, and writing

Unlike in prior blogs of mine (0x44.pw and bitranchlabs.com) I am going to try to work on the development of this after my initial release. Meaning it’s gonna be ugly right now (and for a while)! I’ve also go to work on my neovim config a bit, get my tmux-fu back up to speed, maybe get back to using taskwarrior/timewarrior… so who knows, with so much stuff to do, maybe I’ll try writing about it some!