I Am Back

Hey! I’m back after a two-ish week paternity leave. We had a baby girl on October 6th and I’ve been more or less offline since then. Our baby girl is named Penelope. Mother and baby are both doing just fine, and we are working on adjusting to the change. The most notable adjustment is that things take longer. After three children, number four really is not that much more difficult.

In addition to this lovely change, I’ve also started a new job as a “Senior Software Engineer” at Jack Henry. I’m working on their Banno product, which is a banking software offering for small banks and credit unions. It’s largely a NodeJS+Lit stack – so JavaScript all around. I’m specifically working on the “Customs” team which implements custom features and plugins for banks.

I am also working part time at Hydrobuilder still. That will continue for a while, at least until they are able to find a suitable replacement – but how can I be replaced!?