Indie Web

The Indie Web is basically an attempt at providing standards and tooling to create websites that are federated and connected to one another. Some of the things they have include IndieAuth, Webmentions, h-cards, h-entries, and syndication with POSSE. Almost all of these things are just standards that you can implement on your site, like the h-* stuff, and allow for other sites and tools to interact with your own website. Some neat things that this allows for are mostly automatic “webmentions”, which are anything from comments on a post, to response posts, and “shares”. An h-card is basically a business card that other sites can find in your <head>.

Anywho, I had this implemented before on my website and I am going to try to really implement the entire catalog of IndieWeb features here on this site in Sylvan. Why? I think it’s a cool exercise and allows for some neat interactions.