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So I’d like to keep some content in my org repo private — things like todos, journals, and unfinished posts. Ultimately I’d like to put this sort of stuff behind a login, but as a stop-gap I’m thinking to go the brute-force way and rm it. My stop-gap is to delete any file containing the line :PRIVATE: t. I’m going with the property route so that in the future I can update my solution to be a bit more elegant without having to do any additional work to alter my files.

So to make this work all I have to do is add the following to a step in my GitHub deployment action:

find . -type f -exec grep -q "^:PRIVATE: t\$" {} \; -delete

With this in place it is only a matter of annotating the files I don’t want to publish with the new property and they should cease to be deployed.

My ultimate goal is to have Uniorg change the slug for files annotated with this property and prefix a private to the path or something along those lines. Then I can setup Cloudflare to put a login prompt in front of any page that contains this specific path. The key is going to be ensuring that whatever this path alteration ends up being isn’t something that I might accidentally use in some other file — say a blog post talking about private files…