DrolleryMedieval drollery of a knight on a horse
flowery border with man falling
flowery border with man falling
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2023-08-28T10:18:29.955ZSnowcat BrowserInteresting browser with it’s own engine
2023-08-28T10:14:48.883ZNyxt browser: The hacker’s browserA webkit browser customizable with common lisp
2023-08-28T01:02:50.648ZOtter BrowserA browser styled like the class Opera browser
2023-08-27T22:05:03.688Zmagit/with-editor: Use the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processesUse emacs as the $EDITOR for processes called from within emacs
2023-08-27T21:10:01.335ZReactive UI’s with VanillaJS - Part 1: Pure Functional Style | CSS-Tricks - CSS-TricksBeen thinking about writing my own small frontend framework and these seemed like a simple starting place
2023-08-27T21:09:52.081Zhyperapp/packages/html at main · jorgebucaran/hyperappSort of like how ths configures HTML
2023-08-27T21:09:44.647Zferp-js/ferp: Functional Reactive JS App Framework for the Web and Node
2023-08-27T21:09:38.074ZCycle.jsLooking for a non JSX, non-template string means of declaring HTML
2023-08-27T21:09:30.915ZUsing lit-html standalone – Lit
2023-08-27T21:09:23.575ZWhat is Xania?
2023-08-27T21:09:06.762ZMithril.jsI like to ergonomics of this, but it seems to be slow.
2023-08-27T21:08:54.493ZMark 10:38-39 NIV - “You don’t know what you are - Bible Gateway
2023-08-27T21:08:42.297Z1 Peter 3:20-21 NIV - to those who were disobedient long ago - Bible Gateway
2023-08-27T21:08:24.211Z:Generator Tricks for Systems ProgrammersSolid talk
2023-08-27T21:08:14.133Zdabeaz-course/python-mastery: Advanced Python Mastery (course by @dabeaz)
2023-08-27T21:06:52.847ZOpenBenches Welcome!This is amazing, love that someone took the time to set this up and people are contributing to it
2023-08-27T21:05:36.419ZKeyboard Only Day
2023-08-27T21:05:23.205ZMarcus Aurelius - WikipediaThought about “Aurelius” as a middle name if we have another son.
2023-08-27T21:04:34.422ZWyatt Earp - WikipediaWe want to name our next son “Wyatt”
2023-08-27T21:03:38.366ZCordelia of Britain - WikipediaI like this for a girl’s middle name.
2023-08-27T21:03:22.587ZGwendolen - WikipediaWe want to name our next daughter “Gwendolen”
2023-08-27T21:03:13.074Zbuttonclick - Immediate play sound on button click in HTML page - Stack OverflowMy website needs sound
2023-08-27T21:03:01.072Zarbtt: the automatic, rule-based time tracker
2023-08-27T21:02:41.007Zampproject/worker-dom: The same DOM API and Frameworks you know, but in a Web Worker.
2023-08-27T21:01:22.331ZAshleyScirra/via.js: Write JS code that runs in a different context. E.g. use the DOM in a Web Worker.
2023-08-27T21:01:04.733Zcss - detecting true border, padding and margin from Javascript - Stack Overflow
2023-08-27T21:00:50.048ZMofi - Snappy UIs With WebAssembly and Web Workers
2023-08-27T20:57:01.370ZSanctified Vision: An Introduction to Early Christian Interpretation of the Bible
2023-08-27T20:56:28.512ZThe Letter and Spirit of Biblical Interpretation
2023-08-27T20:56:11.724ZInterpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition
2023-08-27T20:55:45.735ZPeterson Organic Feeds | Home
2023-08-27T20:55:00.375ZCuscuta gronovii - WikipediaThis is the creepiest plant of all time.
2023-08-27T19:32:14.199ZAppendix A
2023-08-27T10:20:27.900Zjamesmcnamara/shades: A lodash-inspired lens-like library for JavascriptJust learned about lenses and am interested in using them at work some
2023-08-26T22:04:44.795ZRoadroller: Flattens Your JavaScript Demo
2023-08-25T00:13:08.972ZHow to Make a Portable Pig Waterer From a 275 Gallon Tote - Farmhacker.com
2023-08-25T00:13:03.238ZPasture Pigs: Rotational Grazing Paddock Design & Layout - Farmhacker.com
2023-08-24T00:54:58.771Zradian-software/apheleiaI’d like to try this out to replace formatting with LSP.
2023-08-24T00:54:46.187ZKungsgeten/ryo-modal: Roll your own modal mode
2023-08-24T00:54:34.274Zideasman42/emacs-buffer-name-relative - emacs-buffer-name-relative - Codeberg.org
2023-08-24T00:54:24.240ZOverview (Newsticker 29.1)
2023-08-24T00:53:25.553ZGallery - DAP Mode
2023-08-24T00:53:02.271Zchrisbarrett/nursery: Programs and libs that I haven’t gotten around to formally packaging
2023-08-24T00:52:43.583Zsprig/org-capture-extension: A Chrome and firefox extension facilitating org-capture in emacs
2023-08-24T00:52:28.706ZTo Be a Pilgrim - Wikipedia
2023-08-23T14:35:10.942ZMaggie AppletonI’ve known about Maggie’s site, just didn’t have it in my bookmark list before.