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flowery border with man falling
flowery border with man falling
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2023-09-05Advanced JavaScriptI never knew you could do this with the browser’s console
2023-09-05charmbracelet/skatemight be worth using to replace my current shell secret system
2023-09-05Get a Cable Modem…Go to Jail
2023-09-04Black Art of 3D Game Programming
2023-09-04How I Beat Repetitive Stress Injury
2023-09-04Replay - The time-travel debuggerthis might be a great tool for work
2023-09-04Review: Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboardseems pricey
2023-09-04James Lambert - YouTube
2023-09-04highlighting commit messages in magit
2023-09-04Commit Message Conventionsmight be a way to get conventional commits working with magit
2023-09-04Pentiment on Steam
2023-09-04Internet Sacred Text Archive
2023-09-04A Gentle Introduction to Liquid Types
2023-09-03Vale.sh - A linter for prose
2023-09-03Hacking the Timex m851
2023-09-01BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps
2023-09-01Space travel via tether
2023-09-01Seven Nation Army Bardcore Coverusing this on the site
2023-09-01I Want It That Way Bardcore Coverusing this on the site
2023-09-01Barbie Girl Bardcore Coverusing this on the site
2023-09-01Smooth Criminal Bardcore Coverusing this on the site
2023-08-31domchristie/turnseems like a zero-effort transition api lib for turbo
2023-08-31Scan of the Month
2023-08-29squint-cljs/squintwas looking at how this might be able to get cljs into astro
2023-08-29Tauri Apps
2023-08-29Elevator Saga