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2023-09-12T16:53:25.740Zemacs-29 and eglot inlay hints?
2023-09-12T15:30:04.839Zkuanyui/moe-theme.el: A customizable colorful eye-candy theme for Emacser. Moe, moe, kyun!
2023-09-12T01:12:07.988ZCape | Kristoffer Balintona
2023-09-12T01:07:21.900ZHome · minad/corfu Wiki
2023-09-12T00:14:42.041Zprogfolio/doct: DOCT: Declarative Org Capture Templates for Emacs
2023-09-11T22:44:28.184ZAdd completion-at-point-function · Issue #140 · smihica/emmet-mode
2023-09-11T00:42:39.407Zsmihica/emmet-mode: emmet’s support for emacs.
2023-09-11T00:34:35.238Ztiny.el - the little package that could · (or emacs
2023-09-10T23:31:24.329Z22 years of Emacs | Arjen Wiersma
2023-09-10T21:35:02.010Zemacscollective/no-littering: Help keeping ~/.config/emacs clean
2023-09-10T21:33:57.594ZWilfred/deadgrep: fast, friendly searching with ripgrep and Emacs
2023-09-10T21:33:26.516Zgregsexton/origami.el: A folding minor mode for Emacs
2023-09-10T21:32:39.063Zmrkkrp/fix-word: Transform words in Emacs (upcase, downcase, capitalize, etc.)
2023-09-10T21:30:54.785Zideasman42/emacs-undo-fu: Simple undo/redo while keeping access to the full non-linear undo history. - emacs-undo-fu - Codeberg.org
2023-09-10T21:30:04.906ZFuco1/smartparens: Minor mode for Emacs that deals with parens pairs and tries to be smart about it.
2023-09-10T20:52:27.799Zemacs-tw/awesome-emacs: A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and other items.
2023-09-10T20:52:14.238ZMalabarba/beacon: A light that follows your cursor around so you don’t lose it!
2023-09-10T19:36:07.687Zemacsorphanage/git-gutter: Emacs port of GitGutter which is Sublime Text Plugin
2023-09-10T19:29:09.828Zastoff/devdocs.el: Emacs viewer for DevDocs
2023-09-10T19:28:49.632Z(or emacs · irrelevant)
2023-09-10T19:28:19.406ZAvy can do anything | Karthinks
2023-09-10T18:56:10.357ZMy mental model of transducers
2023-09-10T12:56:21.904Z`make` as a Static Site Generator
2023-09-10T12:35:51.977Zap.el/init.el at master · alphapapa/ap.el
2023-09-10T12:35:05.325Zalphapapa/hammy.el: Programmable, interactive interval timers (e.g. for working/resting)
2023-09-10T12:33:28.284Zalphapapa/ts.el: Emacs timestamp and date-time library
2023-09-10T12:27:31.491Zalphapapa/dogears.el: Never lose your place in Emacs again
2023-09-10T12:25:54.091Zminad/jinx: 🪄 Enchanted Spell Checker
2023-09-10T01:04:48.485Zalphapapa/magit-todos: Show source files’ TODOs (and FIXMEs, etc) in Magit status buffer
2023-09-10T01:03:22.294Zalphapapa/bufler.el: A butler for your buffers. Group buffers into workspaces with programmable rules, and easily switch to and manipulate them.d
2023-09-10T01:03:02.183Zalphapapa/plz.el: An HTTP library for Emacs
2023-09-10T00:56:26.571Zalphapapa/burly.el: Save and restore frames and windows with their buffers in Emacs
2023-09-09T23:41:26.687ZFolgezettel • Zettelkasten Method
2023-09-09T23:29:55.854ZDenote (denote.el) | Protesilaos Stavrou
2023-09-09T22:21:40.901Zcorytertel/macrursors: An extremely fast and minimal alternative to multiple-cursors.el.
2023-09-09T22:20:20.014Zkarthink/consult-dir: Insert paths into the minibuffer prompt in Emacs
2023-09-09T22:19:46.339Zkarthink/wallabag.el: Emacs wallabag client - A Read It Later/Web Archiving Solution in Emacs.
2023-09-09T22:19:17.071Zkarthink/project-x: Ehancements to Emacs’ built in project library.
2023-09-09T18:02:29.563ZSorixelle/astro-ts-mode: Emacs major mode for Astro templates
2023-09-09T16:28:33.697Zmagnars/expand-region.el: Emacs extension to increase selected region by semantic units.
2023-09-09T16:28:18.600Zleoliu/easy-kill: Kill & Mark Things Easily in Emacs
2023-09-09T16:27:46.940Zdgutov/diff-hl: Emacs package for highlighting uncommitted changes
2023-09-09T12:15:09.803ZFifteen ways to use Embark
2023-09-09T12:15:03.838Zkarthink/popper: Emacs minor-mode to summon and dismiss buffers easily.
2023-09-09T12:14:59.026ZIt Bears Repeating: Emacs 28 & Repeat Mode
2023-09-09T00:21:43.313Zgexplorer/simple-modeline: A simple mode-line for Emacs.
2023-09-09T00:21:31.155ZThe 6 Emacs Settings Every User Should Consider - YouTube
2023-09-08T23:31:29.328Ztautologyclub/feebleline: Going full Luddite by removing the mode-line and using echo-area (smartly) instead.
2023-09-08T01:12:28.982ZBuild Your Own Flight Sim In C++ (DOS GameDev) by Michael Radtke & Chris Lampton : Michael Radtke, Chris Lampton : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
2023-09-08T00:26:17.414ZElvish Shell
2023-09-08T00:25:26.052ZEmacs Key Binding Conventions (and why you should try it) : r/emacs
2023-09-08T00:25:20.635ZDoes anyone actually use emacs default keybindings? : r/emacs
2023-09-08T00:25:04.562Zzzamboni.org | My Emacs Configuration, With Commentary
2023-09-08T00:24:54.746Zzzamboni.org | My Elvish Configuration With Commentary
2023-09-08T00:23:50.987ZEmacsWiki: Sticky Modifiers
2023-09-08T00:22:35.391ZKeybindings strategies in Emacs · Samuel Barreto
2023-09-08T00:22:26.430ZKey Binding Conventions (GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual)
2023-09-07T19:36:08.679ZTcl - Wikipedia
2023-09-07T18:57:29.897Zwolray/symbol-overlay: Highlight symbols with keymap-enabled overlays
2023-09-07T17:02:52.009ZKagi Small Web | Kagi Blog
2023-09-07T16:03:57.804ZPorting nanostores to lua
2023-09-07T14:40:08.621ZA Hole Where You’ll Freeze to Death | Geography of Extreme Microclimates
2023-09-07T12:22:44.654Zlsmor/snake-fury: a challenge for Haskell beginners
2023-09-07T00:54:49.621Ztheory - What non-theoretical, practical programming language has no reserved keywords? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange
2023-09-07T00:45:34.179ZSubtext programming language
2023-09-07T00:45:27.178ZTechnical dimensions of programming systems
2023-09-07T00:41:50.647Zthesephist/ink: Ink is a minimal programming language inspired by modern JavaScript and Go, with functional style.
2023-09-07T00:37:16.431ZSvalboard - Datahand forever!
2023-09-07T00:36:51.745Zdloscutoff/hbl: A Lisp-based golfing language with a half-byte codepage
2023-09-07T00:26:27.431ZStone Loaf Pan - Shop | Pampered Chef US Site
2023-09-07T00:14:13.133ZdotLang | A minimal but powerful programming language based on C, Go and Haskell
2023-09-07T00:12:39.992Zio guide
2023-09-06T22:37:50.329ZLua: The Little Language That Could
2023-09-06T22:37:45.519ZLuau - Luau
2023-09-06T18:55:57.261ZPersistent prefix keymaps in Emacs
2023-09-06T16:23:57.564ZMy Triops - The Triops Wiki
2023-09-06T14:34:22.325ZWriting Small CLI Programs in Common Lisp / Steve Losh
2023-09-06T14:11:38.686ZBrowse Standard Ebooks
2023-09-06T14:10:55.124ZHigher-Order Perl
2023-09-06T14:10:51.754ZWindow: postMessage() method - Web APIs | MDN
2023-09-06T12:58:13.668ZBintracker · A Chiptune Audio Workstation for the 21st Century
2023-09-06T12:18:52.903Zawesome-koans/koans-en.md at master · ahmdrefat/awesome-koans
2023-09-06T02:01:22.017ZElectric Track Linear Actuator - Model: PA-18 - Progressive Automations
2023-09-06T01:46:32.456ZHow to DIY a Garage Storage Lift System | Family Handyman
2023-09-05T22:35:57.431ZHome - AmblesideOnline - Charlotte Mason Curriculum
2023-09-05T22:18:56.581Zergoemacs-mode Quick start Guide
2023-09-05T22:18:48.727ZEmacsWiki: Cua Mode
2023-09-05T22:18:40.869ZEmacs cua-mode Problems
2023-09-05T21:40:38.219ZPretty Map folding with CSS
2023-09-05T20:46:27.207ZEveryPsalm — Poor Bishop Hooper
2023-09-05T17:36:33.580ZA guide to home row mods
2023-09-05T12:34:01.218Zemacs-bedrock: Stepping stones to a better Emacs experience