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I am back to (doom)emacs+org-mode, again… again… again…

Why? I like it!

I tried to use ox-hugo. And it seemed nice, but way to much extra. Org mode can compile org files to html, why convert the files to markdown first? Just didn’t make sense. I think I shall try sticking with stock org-mode for publishing.

I ended up finding a wonderful package called Uniorg, which is a parser that takes Org files and generates Unified ASTs that can then be manipulated by tools like Rehype to modified and spit-out HTML. This removes the annoyance of ox-hugo but means I am able to have a bit more control over my contnet — or at least easier access to control — than with org’s own publishing feature. Though, I did get the org-publish mostly working and producing acceptable HTML, I think.

Uniorg isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it’s fairly extensible and it is actively maintained, unlike orgajs, which seems to have either died or at least has been put on the back-burner by the maintainers. This does mean I have no need for contentlayer, I have had the thought that maybe contentlayer could get org compatibility added through the usage of Uniorg, however the more I think about that the less sense it makes, org files are already much more structured and defined than markdown with arbitrary frontmatter and Uniorg already is turning the org files into data. For the mean time, I have gutted the contentlayer aspects of Sylvan and put Uniorg in. My next step with that project is going to be figuring out how to build Sylvan with a remote repository for content, thus meaning I can keep my org directory free of the Sylvan related project files and vice versa.

A couple things I’d like to see out of Uniorg:

Other than that, I am fairly happy with Uniorg thus far. I will say, in org-publish’s favor, I liked the styling and layout of the default org-publish function so much that I have endeavored to incorporate some of the asthetics into my NextJS powered site.