Moving the Blog

I did it. This morning I mentioned that I was going to be leaving Emacs land and moving to VS Code and this afternoon I moved the blog over. It was very easy actually. I already had a test Hugo blog running on, so all I had to do was port the few new posts since that effort, and then update my DNS to point to the Neocities site. I suspect that I will eventually be moving from Hugo to Astro, like I had previously mentioned, however this is a great stop-gap and will let me have a blog that I can keep updated without having to do much/any work to migrate.

I think I might also resurrect the old site and get that back up with some handwritten HTML. Probably do something fun and different with that page and just let it be an outlet for creative expression.

I will probably spend some time tweaking and finalizing the Hugo site’s aesthetic now that I am a bit more committed to using it. I probably will work on a better CI/CD experience as well, since right not I manually build the site and push those changes. But maybe I will keep that, we’ll have to see…