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flowery border with man falling

It’s actually kind of hard to use a template to create a new file. Apparently this is part of Doom, but I couldn’t figure out how to get teh file-templates to work in Doom. My dirty hack to get this working was to create a function that calls a new buffer, inserts some heading info into that new buffer, and then tells the buffer use the major mode of org-mode.

(defun 0x44/create-new-blog-buffer ()
  "Created a new blog from the specified template in a new buffer"
  (let (($timestamp (format-time-string "<%Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M>" )))
    (let (($buf (generate-new-buffer "Untitled Blog Post")))
        (switch-to-buffer $buf)
        (insert (format ":PROPERTIES:\n:AUTHOR: %s\n:CREATED: %s\n:MODIFIED: %s\n:TYPE: blog\n:END:\n#+title: "
                user-full-name $timestamp $timestamp))
        (funcall 'org-mode)
        (setq buffer-offer-save t)