What’s Next for Sylvan

For those who do not know Sylvan is my NextJS app that org files and creates webpages. It’s not a static-site generator technically since it’s doing server-side rendering, but I currently do not have it setup so that the org files are updated on the fly either (ie content only gets updated when a deployment runs). Fixing this is on the roadmap, but first I want to get it setup to be configurable so that I can, for example, change the header, the favicon, the overall title, etc. from my org repo. This will do two things, first and foremost it will mean Sylvan can be used by others without having to fork the repo, and second it will mean I can make changes to my website without changing the framework that manages the content. I haven’t exactly figured out how I plan to do this just yet. I think I will end up going with a sylvan.org file that will have some K/Vs in a drawer and Sylvan can consume that at startup via the Uniorg module and then from there the <nav> links and other things can be updated.