Written by Ian S. Pringle

Created on 2022-7-4 @ 0:0

Last updated on 2022-7-4 @ 0:0

I have an off and on relationship with emacs. I’ll use emacs for a few months at a time, once I even got a full year’s worth in, and then something will annoy me and I’ll go back to using neovim and a terminal for a while, but then I’ll have a craving for org-mode or something and swap back to emacs. I really would love to just settle down, I think I’d pick emacs if it there wasn’t something in the back of my mind telling me that emacs is bloatware… nonetheless I still love it.

Specifically, I love Emacs+ Doom . I don’t think I have the capacity to learn emacs’ keybindings, but I am well versed in vi’s keybindings, so being able to use them seamlessly-ish in emacs is a Godsend.